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A Few Words About Us 


For over 30 years, we have built our reputation through leading the market in both design and manufacturing techniques.
Over the years we have invested heavily in state of the art equipment, as well as keeping our workforce upto speed with training and working-practice.
Being in the enviable position of having such a wide spread of clients, we have been fortunate enough to have worked on a huge variety of vehicles, plant and machinery over the years, giving us valuable experience and knowledge that can only benefit any work we do.
We are as passionate about the work as you will be about the end product, and with our recognised high quality you won't be disappointed.

We offer simple and cost effective solutions to complicated problems


We manufacture from sample or drawing:
- Simply show us what you require / or provide a detailed     specifiation for us to resolve

- We give you a quote and lead time

Catering for all exhaust & pipework applications we go out of our way to work to your deadlines / requirements to help make your job easier.



Because of the nature of what we do, our bespoke products can be found everywhere, from Local Authorities to the Race Track...

  • Ministry Of Defence

  • Quarries

  • Underground Workings

  • Engine Development

  • Plant

  • Public Tranport 

  • Gensets 

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