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Whether it be a small dumper truck, a piece of stationary plant such as a compressor or a gigantic earthmover, Wunoff can supply you with whatever you require in mild or stainless steel using the highest quality materials. Although we already have an extensive range of drawings for most popular plant applications, we can manufacture anything from samples or drawings.
As in the truck world, more and more plant managers are turning to replacement exhausts in stainless steel to reduce costly down time.
We also get involved with further noise reduction projects, and we also carry a full range of spark arestors in mild and stainless steel. Also available to order is the increasingly popular item, the catalytic converter.



If you are building an unusual car or wish to put an engine in a car that it wasn't intended for, we will manufacture an exhaust to suit, to your specification in either mild or stainless steel. You no longer have to makedo and mend with bits and pieces off someones shelf, come to us for a quality bespoke system built onto your vehicle at our premises.

At Wunoff, our exhaust building expertise extends, as you would expect, to competition specification exhaust systems. These are designed and built to meet current regulations in your chosen field of motor sport. Again as with all our work, these can be built in either stainless steel or mild steel. Your special requirements are taken into consideration in the design of the exhaust before any actual manufacture takes place. As most of the staff actually compete in one form or another of motorsport, we understand how important good design and planning is. Be it rallying, drag racing, hillclimb, circuit racing or any other form of motorised sport. You can be sure that Wunoff will provide you with exactly what you require. 


One of our most popular products, the wunoff repackable silencer, is used extensively and very successfully in the motorsport and kit car world. For full information on these silencers please click repack below to download a pdf.




Due to ever increasing legislation for acceptable noise levels – a genset that exceeds the permitted noise level cannot be used.

It’s these restrictions that present the challenge to our business – a challenge we love.

Putting our many years of experience to the test, we can use the valuable knowledge and expertise we have gathered from previous projects and developments.

We manufacture exhausts systems for a number of genset manufacturers and engine configurations - Perkins, Cummins, Scania, Volvo, Mitchells diesels to name a few.



The top end kit come with all the parts you need to build your own stainless steel vertical exhaust (except the pipework from the stack to the engine) You can design and build your own pipework quite easily from our extensive range of elbows, pipe, flexible tubing and clamps etc. Or if you need that special part such as a Y-piece, simply explain your and we will manufacture one for you.

As well as our popular topendkit, we are now also able to offer stainless steel stack kits that are pre-manufactured ready to bolt straight on. These are available for an ever-expanding range of trucks. Please contact us to see if a kit is available for your vehicle. However, should a kit not be available, we can design, test, manufacture and fit a stack system to your vehicle at our premises.



Here at CPE ltd (wunoff) we offer a full DPF cleaning service.


Click the button below to read more about DPF cleaning and call for prices



Here is just one of the ways we can help

Our client came to us with a sound issue for a generator unit , and needed to conform to sound regulation of 65 dBA

We designed a complete exhaust system that would fit in their existing unit.

  - Delivered to site for customer to carry out installation.
  - We visited the site and carried out extensive back pressure and noise tests.
  - Managed to Maximum noise level of 65 dba  at 1 metre  within the maximum permitted back          pressure. 

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